Zoysiafarms.com Website Review & Ratings + Zoysia Farms Coupons
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Zoysiafarms.com Website Review & Ratings + Zoysia Farms Coupons

Zoysia Farms: Products & Services

Zoysia farm nursery is considered the oldest company to sell zoysia grass. Today, they also market horticulture supplies and materials. It is located in Maryland and was found in 1953 by Herbert Friedberg who developed Amazoy from a variety of Zoysia grass, recognizing its properties that make it practical and ideal for private lawn use.   

Aside from providing zoysia grass plugs by mail, they also market seeds of wildflowers and herbs as well as gardening and watering tools. They also have  products for soil treatment  for  planting preparation such as rapites and ph meter, lawn and plant fertilizers, thatch remover and turf thrive. They have organic products such as insecticides and fungicides that will keep the soil cultivated and pest-free. They have items for out-of-doors leisure games, which upon checking on their website as of this time are all sold out and garden accessories such as wind chimes, along with seasonal and year round decorations and barbecue sets, the latter two, being on clearance sale due to limited availability. They also feature a Plug Calculator on the company’s official website and an alternative procedure in order to aid consumers in determining the number of plugs to be ordered. 

According to their website blog, as of date, the company is closed for the season and will resume in operation in mid to latter month of March 2013 depending on the climate and field situation of the given time.

Zoysia Farms: Company Background

Currently located in Maryland, its Founder Herbert Friedberg, father of its current president, Richard Friedberg, believed and recognized zoysia’s advantages and low maintenance properties that will make it capable of providing luxuriant and beautiful private lawns. He developed Amazoy in 1951 from Zoysia grass that originated from Korea with a grass strain initially labeled as Meyer Z-52, first discovered by Frank Meyer, a US Department of Agriculture employee, in 1906. When the Meyer Z-52 was unconfined by the USDA and the US Golf Association, he focused on its possible distribution by mail in 1953. Radio host Arthur Godfrey paved the way to commercial distinction when he promoted the product on his nationwide radio show.

Today, Zoysia Farms still holds its confidence and commitment of bringing a less tedious maintenance of a lush and flourishing lawn in every home.

Zoysia Farms: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Consumer reviews and testimonials on their website from different areas of the United States generally describe the zoysia plugs to be an ideal use for the family lawn citing its thickness, durability and carpet like texture. One consumer quoted it to be also ideal to be used in a cemetery for its low maintenance quality. A New Yorker also defined Zoysia to be the right product for his lawn due to its adaptability in weather conditions. Other consumers expressed their satisfaction for earth friendly characteristics stating “it requires little mowing” and “less need for insecticide”.  

A blog from Amazon cites Zoysia to be “the most awesome grass ever” because of its drought and weed resistant characteristics. The author also discussed on how to get the most out of Zoysia seeds by sharing tips and suggestions on successful planting and maintenance.

Another blog quotes the Pros and Cons of Amazoy Zoysia Grass describing it to be forbearing, solid and dense making it ideal for athletic field and landscape use.

Consumers also expressed long term satisfaction on Zoysia grass plugs on a Squidoo blog site.

However, there are some testimonials expressing otherwise. A blog from Gardening Know How cited the facts and challenges when growing zoysia grass. Some of its stated advantages have also been regarded a disadvantage such as its slow - growing feature which means lengthier time of recovery from dent or weariness. Its property of preventing unwanted grass types from growing was termed to be invasive due to the possibility of growing over blossom beds and nearby property after it has covered the target area. The site also featured some suggestions and tips on how to deal with the challenges in using Zoysia grass. Moreover, Pros and Cons of Amazoy Zoysia Grass and Gardening Know How mentioned thatch and slow growing as the common fault in using zoysia grass plugs.

The Topeka Capital Journal cjonline.com have also cited the same benefits and challenges that may be encountered in using the but mentioning along with it a suggested method of planting and maintenance.

Zoysia Farms: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Zoysia Farms, with an alternative business name of The Shelburne Co. Inc., has met BBB accreditation standards resulting from the company’s length of time in operation and ample background knowledge. They possess an active license number from the Department of Agriculture in Maryland and also a member of horticulture associations such as Turfgrass Producers International, Maryland Turfgrass Council and Delaware Nursery and Landscape Association.

Zoysia Farms: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Their official website globally ranks 1,131,323 and 279,206 in the US as of November 11, 2012 according to Alexa wherein most visits were initiated from keywords sods, sprigs and plugs which the company mainly offers and widely known for. GooglePageRank rated a 3 out of a possible 10 which is a probable result of inability to market outside US to avoid unsuccessful results on the product due to non-favorable weather conditions.

Webstats domain also rated their website a 3.0 out of a possible 5.0, ranking 1,013,959 globally among 30 million domains with 82.4% relative popularity rate in the US and a safety rate of 100/100 containing 80 back links.

Zoysia Farms: Social Media Presence

Their official website is comprehensive with shortcuts provided to the social media pages that they have. It includes a blog site with an archive of a monthly monitoring of Zoysia plug showcasing its adaptability properties on climate change. It also contains product reviews and articles on garden and lawn maintenance and protection procedures.

Zoysia farms’  YouTube feeds gives out facts on sods as a faster but more costly method of achieving a zoysia lawn and the challenges that may be encountered as a Do it Yourself home project.

 It currently has 265,419 views from eight demonstration videos about planting and making the most out of a Zoysia lawn. A video about Planting Amazoy Zoysia Grass Plugs proves to be the most viewed with 212,526 views. The last video was added was 8 months ago.

Their Facebook page highlights Zoysia’s enduring characteristic and capability to adapt in different weather conditions. This page is also used by consumers in posting questions and concerns regarding their products and services which are accordingly responded to. It currently has 610 likes.

As of date, the company’s Twitter account has 167 followers and has been a venue for the company and the consumers to communicate and mostly inquire on their orders and post queries on their concerns regarding product status upon receipt. The last correspondence on this site was 3 months ago.

Their flickr  page exhibits 14 photos of various weather conditions and how Zoysia thrives on it.

The company operates on a seasonal basis which could be a probable cause for updates and photos to not be uploaded during recent months.

Zoysia Farms: Website Security & Safety

In running a Google diagnostic test on Zoysia farms website, the result showed the site to be safe for browsing and is not listed to be suspicious or a host of any malicious material.

Their official website bears the McAffee SECURE Trustmark proving that it is secure from unauthorized data access and other unsafe online transactions.

Zoysia Farms: Pricing & Packages

A Zoysia plug is valued at $8.95 for 100 plugs to $195 for 1000 plugs with freebies and discounts given for certain numbers of purchases.

Product rates for gardening materials range from a $7.95 nitrile gloves to a $45 kangaroo pop up container set. Pricing for Organic products are generally $24.95, fertilizer rates varies from $ 24.95 to $ 45 while wildflower and herb seeds for $7.50 to $ 22.50 with discounts for a certain number of pack purchase. A $1.00 proceeds from every purchase of Herb seeds is donated to breast cancer research. Garden accessories such as wind chimes ranges from $19.95 to $75.00 while Leisure activity materials are charged $60 to $75. These amounts exclude shipping fees that varies from $2.50 to $8

Zoysia Farms: Shipping Rates & Policies

Zoysia plugs are transported in 10” x 15” sod pieces measuring 1” square with a total perimeter area of 4” maximum runner expansion. Shipping of Zoysia plugs are prioritized in locations with warmest weather condition and is continuously done depending on the area’s appropriate planting time and the designated location’s field situation. 

Due to these considerations, it is a challenge to give out the precise date as to when a shipment will arrive on the consumer’s doorstep but FedEx tracking number notifications is sent out via Email to enable the client to monitor its arrival. There is an annual maximum limit of 13,300 plug order to ensure product availability. Shipping rates vary from $5 to $17.50.

They also have a store located in Taneytown, Maryland that operates between late March and end of June, from Monday to Friday at 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and Saturday 8 am to 4 pm for consumers who choose to pick-up their plugs instead of having it shipped, however, it is recommended for consumers to call a given number 410-756-2311 a day in advance to prepare the product for pick-up.

Except for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Washington and Oregon, Zoysia deliver plugs all over the US since general weather conditions are favorable and beneficial to its growth.

Zoysia Farms: Payment Methods Accepted

They only offer payment option thru credit card which will be charged only upon order shipping. Allocation will be released if the order is not shipped within ten business days for debit card payment. Alternative payment methods such asDebit Card, PayPal, EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, QPass are not accepted at this time.

Zoysia Farms: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

For each order, Zoysia plugs are newly harvested and go through various quality inspections.  It will be packed and shipped via FedEx the same day and may arrive in a dormant state where it will eventually come out of in 30 to 45 days once planted on unfrozen grounds depending on climate conditions.

It is recommended for the product to be opened without delay upon receipt and placed on a level surface sprayed with water not to be exposed to direct sunlight if planting is not yet possible.A replacement is given free of charge for unsuccessful growth of Amazoy plugs in 45 days.

Zoysia Farms: Product images & screenshots
Zoysia Farms Coupons
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Get Order 1500 Plugs & Get 900 Free Plugs + Free Amazoy Power Auger + Free Step On Plugger + Free Shipping @ Zoysia Farms
Get Order 750+ Plugs & Receive Free Shipping @ Zoysia Farms